Short C.V.

Papadrakakis Manolis Papadrakakis
Institute of Structural Analysis & Seismic Research
National Technical University of Athens
Zografou Campus
P.O. Box 157 80, Athens
tel: +30 210 772 1694
fax: +30 210 772 1693


  • 1966 - 1971
    National Technical University Athens (NTUA), Greece
    School of Civil Engineering (5 year diploma course),
    Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • 1974 -1975
    City University of London, UK
    Dept. of Civil Engineering,
    M.Sc. Degree in Structural Engineering
  • 1975 -1978
    City University of London, UK
    Dept. of Civil Engineering,
    Ph.D. Degree in Computational Mechanics


  • 151 Papers in international refereed journals
  • 325 Papers in international conference proceedings
  • 31 Chapters in books
  • 11 Edited books
  • 4 Books in Greek
  • 23 International conference proceedings volumes as editor
  • 11 Journal special issues as guest editor


  • Editor of the International Journal Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering (CMAME)
  • Honorary editor of the International Journal of Computational Methods (IJCM)
  • Associate Editor of Computer Assisted Methods in Engineering and Science (CAMES)
  • President of the European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS) (2009-2013)
  • Chairman of the European Committee on Computational Solid and Structural Mechanics (ECCSM) of ECCOMAS (2003-2008)
  • Recipient of the "IACM Award" of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) (2012)
  • Recipient of the "Computational Mechanics Award" of IACM (2006)
  • Fellow of IACM (2000)
  • Member of the Executive Council of IACM
  • Member of the General Council of IACM
  • Member of the Executive Committee of ECCOMAS
  • Editor of the ECCOMAS Newsletter
  • Member of the Editorial Board of 19 international scientific journals
  • Member of the Advisory Scientific Committee of the International Centre for Numarical Methods in Engeneering (CIMNE)
  • Director of the Institute of Structural Analysis & Antieismic Research of the Structural Engineering Department, School of Civil Engineering, NTUA
  • Director of the Interdepartmental Graduate Course of the Structural Engineering Division, School of Civil Engineering, NTUA
  • Director of the MSc course ADERS, "Analysis and Design of Earthquake Resistant Structures", NTUA
  • Vice Chairman of the "John Argyris Foundation" (JAF)
  • President of the Greek Association for Computational Mechanics (GRACM) (2002-2006)
  • Director of the Structural Engineering Division, School of Civil Engineering, NTUA.(2001-2003), (2009-2011)
  • Member of the scientific committee in more than 100 international conferences
  • Subject Chair for Engineering and Member of the Advisory Committee of the SCOPUS electronic data base
  • Plenary lecturer or invited lecturer in more than 40 international conferences
  • Conference co-chairman in 15 international conferences
  • Organizer of 8 international seminars
  • Organizer of 16 special sessions in international conferences
  • He has supervised 150 M.Sc. theses, 50 post-diploma theses and 15 Ph.D. theses
  • He is supervising 12 Ph.D students
  • He has participated in 24 competitive research projects funded by national funds
  • He has participated in 10 competitive research projects funded by EU
  • Reviewer in 45 scientific journals and book publishing companies
  • Member in 10 international and national scientific societies
  • He has more than 3000 citations in international literature with h-factor=29


The research activity is mainly focused on the development and the application of the latest computer methods and technology to structural engineering analysis and design.
The fields of interest are the following:
(i) Nonlinear dynamic analysis of concrete and steel structures under seismic loading
(ii) Solution of large-scale finite element problems with domain decomposition and data handling techniques on high performance parallel and distributed computer environments
(iii) Large-scale structural and design optimization of real-world structures
(iv) Solution of large non-linear problems and path-following strategies in solid and structural mechanics
(v) Adaptive strategies and solution techniques for p, h, hp finite element procedures
(vi) Solution of large-scale eigenvalue problems
(vii) Stochastic finite element methods, reliability analysis and Monte Carlo simulation
(viii)Contact-Impact problems with the finite element method
(ix) Neural network applications in structural engineering
(x) Soil-fluid-structure interaction problems


Within the period of 26 years in the School of Civil Engineering, NTUA, M.P. has taught the following Subjects:

Undergraduate Courses
(i) Basic Structural Analysis Ι
(ii) Basic Structural Analysis ΙΙ
(iii) Matrix Structural Analysis
(iv) Dynamic Analysis of Structures
(v) Plastic Analysis of Structures
(vi) Analysis of Structures with the Finite Element Method
(vii) Special Topics in the Analysis of Structures with the Finite Element Method

Postgraduate Courses
(i) Nonlinear Analysis of Structures with the Finite Element Method
(ii) Advanced Computational Methods in Mechanics
(iii) Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Structures
(iv) Nonlinear finite modeling of RC and steel members


1971 - 1974
Military service in the Greek Navy with the rank of Ensign. Professional structural engineer

1978 - now

Applied research and consultancy services to industry. Development of finite element codes for software companies in Greece and in other countries of the European Union